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Do you want your building on a Concrete Slab ?

When deciding what kind of building to get and how big to get it, one should follow this list:

  • What do I need my metal building for?

  • Will the building have one or more purposes?

  • What Type of building will best fit this need? (Carport, garage, barn, loafing shed, utility carport, workshop, warehouse, or something else?)

  • Will this building need to be certified? (Contact your local building department at the courthouse)

  • What style of this building do I want (regular, A-Frame?)

  • What roof style will I want? (Horizontal or vertical)

  • If I need roll up doors, how tall will they need to be? (Walls will need to be as tall or as tall as 2’ taller than the doors)

  • How tall will I need the building to be?

  • What square footage do I need and how much space do I have to work with?

  • What options or extras will I want? (They include walk-in doors, windows, extra panels, special anchors, skylights, kick walls, gabled ends, wood floors, & more)

  • What kind of foundation is this building going to need?

  • How much can I afford? (A 18% Deposit is the only thing required to place an order)

We can help you with these questions: (435) 250-4446

Examples of what we do for you!

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Utah Metal Carports and Buildings

Mount Pleasant, Utah


Metal Carports and Buildings

Utah Carports and Metal Buildings

399 South 600 East

Mount Pleasant, UT 84647

Phone: 435-250-4446 (call or text)



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Metal Carports installed  in ALL of Utah, Wyoming,  Nevada, Texas, Arizona California and Idaho.


Car and Tall RV Carports

 We specialize in the construction of high-quality metal carports for cars and tall RVs. Our reliable and affordable metal carports aren’t like those flimsy carports you see at retail stores, which are often pinned and taped together. Coast To Coast Carports delivers and installs steel carports that are securely anchored to the ground or into cement.


If you’re looking for a new metal garage for your car or tall RV, you’ve come to the right place! Coast To Coast Carports specializes in the construction of high-quality metal garages all across the United States. Our state-of-the-art steel garage designs maximize square footage and structural integrity at some of the lowest costs on the market.


Utah Metal Carports and Buildings is one of the leading manufacturers of metal buildings throughout the Mtn. States, with our manufacturing plant in Heyburn, Idaho dedicated to buildings and installing some of the finest metal buildings on the market. As a result, we offer a wide variety of metal building types to fit any need or specification at competitive price points.


Why Utah Metal Carports and Buildings is the Best Choice?


Top-quality prefabricated metal buildings

We value style and substance, so you can feel confident that you will get a building that looks great and performs well too. All metal buildings from Coast to Coast Carports are made to last, no matter what life throws at it.

Top-quality prefabricated metal buildings

Super-fast, FREE delivery

No-quibble, 20-year warranty

Getting the best in the business

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What customers are saying

I am so very pleased with my new carport. The crew arrived looked at the spot for the carport we discussed how I wanted it. They made a few suggestions. Told me it would take about four hours.

Marie A. Lofton

The Quickest Route to Getting your New Metal Carport or Buildings

Step 1

Start with a quotation

The first step to getting the metal building you want is to request a bespoke quote. We will talk through your preferences before giving you a price to consider.

Step 2

Get your order confirmed

Once you have decided to proceed with your order, our team will be happy to process the paperwork and deposit for you and confirm your order immediately.

Step 3

Let us start fabricating

The next step is for us to start making your order. We use the best and latest tools along with top-quality materials to fabricate your new building.

Step 4

Delivery at speed

As soon as we have your steel structure ready, we will deliver it fast and free so that you can look forward to getting your new steel building in next to no time.